Carolina Sports Floors

Services We Provide & Our Recent Projects


Screen "Buff" & Recoat: This is typically done annually and helps extend life of floor and grip for your athletes.

 We remove gum, use abrasive pads to remove dirt & film, reapply MFMA finish and bring life back to your floor!

Sand & Refinish: This happens when our customer wants to bring life back to their floor!

There are many reasons to sand your gym floor: dark color of existing floor due to many years of oil based finishes, finish adhesion failure, or you simply want a different style on your floor.

Custom Logos & Paint: We handle it all from striping your court to custom logos- either paint or stencil.

Each method has its advantages to the customer, we would be happy to explain the differences and help you make the best choice.

Repairs: Even with the best maintenance program- things happen! Don't stress though, we repair floors from the smaller projects to full installs!

Our Recent Projects

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