Carolina Sports Floors



Having our name on the door creates additional pride in the work we do, which translates into a better value for our customers.

We Focus on:

  • Wood floors: Schools, Church Gyms, YMCAs and Athletic Facilities.

  • Concrete:

    • Commercial (Restaurants), Industrial (plants), Medical (doctor offices), Restaurants and Car Dealerships

    • Residential: Garages, basements and man caves.

At Carolina Sports Floors our reputation is built around a few simple fundamentals. Do it right the first time and leave the world a better place than you found it.

We have a strict process to ensure that the floor is prepped and coated correctly.  This process will be explained and reviewed following completion of your floors service.

We proudly offer the following services for your business:

Hardwood floor:
Buff & Coats 
Sand & Refinishing
Custom Painting & Logos

We Also offer all products and supplies to maintain your hardwood floor.

For Concrete:
Sani-Tred & Graniflex Coatings
Metallic Stains
Epoxy Coatings

* Every system has different benefits & applications but countless applications!

North Carolina
Billy Cruz
(704) 659-1247
South Carolina
Kurt Murphy
(803) 386-1132
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